Wet Weather Wedding Ceremony Back-up

Rain is an outdoor wedding’s worse nightmare! But you can plan for it. Be prepared!! Here’s a few tips to help you stay on top of wet weather!

When you’re a few days out from the wedding and the forecast doesn’t look friendly; be decisive on a cut-off time to change arrangements.

Have a list of critical people who need to be notified. 

Is your Reception venue a possible back-up; discuss this at your initial meeting

Can your outdoor ceremony location easily be moved or altered to accomadate wet weather conditions?

Is there a gazebo or undercover structure in close proximity that you could relocate the ceremony to? Do you need permission? Does it offer enough protection?


Is it safe?

Would you be willing to hire and erect a marquee at your current location if this is permissable?Check beforehand. Therefore eliminating the need to move your Ceremony.

 Umbrellas: have some on hand for yourself, wedding party and other vendors. Clear or white umbrellas make for some really cute photos.​ Spare everything  shoes, stockings, hairspray, shirts, socks etc

Don’t let the weather spoil your day; as long as you have a back-up plan embrace the experience.

Delegate don’t be afraid to ask for help.

A few photos taken in the rain can be spectacular; quite dramatic with fabulous results.


 heart 15 November 2017 A day to remember heart

Australia supports changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry

Today the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) announced the results of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. The survey asked more than 16 million eligible Australians on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll whether or not the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Of the eligible Australians who expressed a view, 61.6 per cent supported changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry and 38.4 per cent did not.

All states and territories recorded a majority Yes response.

Of the 150 Federal Electoral Divisions, 133 recorded a majority Yes response, and 17 Federal Electoral Divisions

As 2017 is drawing to a close I just want to say a huge thank you to all my 2017 couples who have allowed me to share their journey and “Love Story” . To my November/ December couples I look forward to officiating at your forthcoming Ceremonies and having the absolute honour of capturing the essence of your ” Love” & uniqueness as a couple.

Hi from Shauna Rowe – My role as a Wedding Celebrant has allowed me as a ‘hopeless romantic’ to meet many wonderful couples, visit fabulous locations and most of all I get to express their stories of love! It’s the dream job! For me sharing the couples “Love Story” after months of preparation, and seeing it all come together so beautifully on the day is such an honour and privilege.

Do you know that your Wedding Celebrant will possibly be the least expensive cost to your day… but perhaps the most crucial!

I value and recognize the importance of professionalism as a Wedding Celebrant, while also understanding how vital it is to breathe fun and romance into such a special moment in time. Every couple is unique so therefore every Ceremony is individually written, reflecting you as a couple, your values and beliefs. Call anytime on 0416252869 and tell me “Your Love Story”.

March News 2016 To all new recently engaged couples and  potential Brides and Grooms a sunny hello from Shauna Rowe Gold Coast Civil Marriage Celebrant….are you recently enagaged and now starting to plan one of the most exciting yet daunting chapters of your life?   heart   Let me as an experienced Celebrant take care of the Ceremony side of things for you, big or small casual or formal I’m here to help you create a day of absolute magic and happiness.

Together we can create the perfect Ceremony call now on 0416252869 and tell me “Your Love Story”. I consider myself to be very approachable…. one of the biggest compliments I get is how during our initial meeting I make my couples feel relaxed and confident. I will listen to your thoughts, ideas and really take the time to get to know you personally as the unique couple you are.  Shauna heart

Please take a look at my website and FB page and see for yourself… ask me about my special price for an Elopement Style Ceremony….



Looking for a high quality Gold Coast Celebrant who offers superb service…

It’s November…still time to book a December 2015 inexpensive but meaningful Beach Style Elopement Ceremony Package with Shauna Rowe Gold Coast Celebrant…I’d love to hear your “Love Story” let’s meet for an obligation free chat and coffee call now to book an appointment 0416252869 heart

Beach Weddings Gold Coast /gold-coast-beach-weddings/ The Gold Coast with its warm temperate climate is an idyllic location for beautiful Gold Coast beach wedding Ceremonies. Shauna Rowe / Gold Coast Wedding Celebrants Shauna Rowe Marriage civil celebrant for all your Marriage Celebrant needs on the Gold Coast. … Gold Coast Beach Wedding  Looking at getting married on the beach…will conduct your …

Latest news

How fast is 2015 disappearing…..how are your Wedding plans coming along? Are you feeling totally overwhelmed with what key elements you should be booking first. Below I have listed 10 suppliers I think are a good starting point…

All this planning and deciding can leave you feeling run-down and vunerable health wise so draw up a good eating / vitamin and beauty / routine. Your day can be absolutely magical without going overboard expenditure wise…be creative! Go with suppliers you feel confident with who undersatnd your needs and that you know on the day will deliver 100% service…leaving you, your fiance and guests to enjoy a wonderful day of commitment, celebration and fun!

1. Date / Time / Save the date / Invitations / Numbers

2. Venue availability / Is this also where the Reception will be? / Plan B Wet weather option 

3. Celebrant {that’s me}

4. Photographer / Videographer / Music

5. Source Wedding Dress

6. Interstate / Overseas guests / Accommodation

7. Flowers

9. Hair / Make -up

10. Consider…how will everyone arrive and depart Reception

Let’s get together over a cup of coffee and discuss your thoughts and expectations…I still have a few spots left for November / December 2015

Cheers ~ Shauna 0416252869  heart

Well Brides and Grooms, I think winter has officially come to the Gold Coast….brrr. Rather hard to get out of bed on these cooler mornings but once you peel the doona off, get moving the days are quite lovely and wonderful Ceremony weather. I’ve loved seeing Brides wear a little bit of Faux fur or a lace covering around their shoulders for some warmth. So chic and stylish….

August is becoming such a popular month to get married here on the Gold Coast…. I still have a few dates left and would love to hear from you…there are so many wonderful locations to choose from in and around the Gold Coast and Hinterland area. I have the pleasure of officiating at some wonderful venues this year so pretty excited and just love what I do…it’s an honour and privelege to be a part of your Specail Day.

Pop over to www.evergreengardenvenue.com.au
You’ll be surprised at how magical this venue is, I guarantee you’ll be swept away by the sheer beauty of the photos and location.

              Many people believe that entering into marriage is the final step in a romantic relationship. As they see it, a couple meets, gets to know each other, falls in love, decides they want to go through life together, and then take the final step – marriage. 

                But marriage is not meant to be the final step in a couple’s relationship – it is really just the beginning of a grand adventure, which hopefully, will be long and fruitful for every couple.

Remember I’m only a phone call away should you wish to oraganise an obligation free meeting 0416252869

Enjoy the long-weekend …what are your plans?  

Shauna    heart

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